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Ramblings of a GWP Teacher goes it? by Julie Ertmann

It’s near the end of October and more than half-way through the semester and so far I can say the project I developed this summer in GWP is working great, for me.  I decided to use science notebooks to record the student’s journaling, notes, and science experiments.  This way I can better emphasize writing and reward effort.  Using this method, my students are only assessed on what they write in their notebooks each day.   My hope was that just writing more would increase their ability to feel confident and increase their stamina.  I think that they are becoming better writers and more confident at “guessing” and taking risks with their answers.  Even students with severe disabilities are showing success with this emphasis on classwork writing.

I also implemented a layered curriculum this year.With this new method, there is no homework.  My students have a terrible track record with homework so it wasn’t a meaningful way to deliver content and it just hurt their grades when I tried to …

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