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Nothing Is Forever, Except the Benefits of GWP by Jean Dempsey

Nothing Is Forever, Except the Benefits of GWP
It’s New Year’s Eve, which means I have officially waited until the last minute to write my December blog post for 9 Lives. This may come as no surprise to my Summer Institute cohort. They watched my inquiry project stagnate until week four, when suddenly it all came together because, well, it had to! Now I find myself in a similar situation, so here goes.

I’m going to follow Laura’s example and not write about my inquiry project, which focused on how to get Intermediate level ESL students more engaged in editing their writing for grammar mistakes. This idea was inspired by the frustration I often feel when watching students from my grammar class succumb to the most avoidable grammar mistakes in my writing class. I found myself asking the rhetorical question, “How did so and so ace the grammar quiz she took this morning, but fail the essay she wrote in the afternoon because of her numerous sentence structure errors?” I came up with various …

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